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Exploring Mongolian Landscape & Culture

There are very few truly wild places left on Earth, places where land is untouched and  traditions live on. Mongolia is one of those places. Tanner Colton and Kolena Allen have recently returned from a Winter adventure in the Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia and are eager to share what deeply transformative experiences can be found there. From the Kazakh eagle hunters of the West, to the Dukha reindeer herders of the North country, this location calls to the adventurer in all of us. Come and hear what amazing opportunities Travel Life Adventures can bring to you. They will share stories of crossing frozen rivers in a Cold War era Russian van, photographing a wild Grey Wolf from atop a mountain, and witnessing a fox hunt with the Golden Eagle Hunters. Whether you are in search of deep interpersonal connections, rare wildlife viewing, or a discovery of wilderness to enrich your soul, Mongolia has what you seek. 


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