Since 1997 we have helped travelers select the best and most practical products to make their journey more comfortable, safe and rewarding. The combined travel experience of our staff makes us experts in our field. We rely on travelers' feedback, so please let us know what products you found most helpful... and don’t hesitate to ask us.


Petra Rousu

Petra was born and raised in Germany and founded the The Savvy Traveler in 1997. She has traveled to over 70 countries. Coming from Europe, she is very knowledgeable about European countries and cultures. Petra started and operated 13 travel stores for a large organization before opening her own stores. Years of experience have helped her in selecting the best and most useful travel products. She continues her passion for travel as much as her time allows.


Alexandra Rousu

Alexandra has traveled extensively for her young age. As the daughter of the owner, she has traveled to Europe since she was 6 weeks old and has continued her travels throughout the years to many different countries. She just returned from her 22nd trip to Europe and is planning her next adventure to the Middle East and Turkey. After completing her business degree with an emphasis in project management and consumer behavior she is now managing the store on a day-to-day basis. She is bilingual with German being her second language. Her visual display skills and travel experience are great assets to the store.


Caroline Barrie

Caroline is our bookkeeper, with over 10 years of experience in small business bookkeeping. She quietly works in the background keeping all the paperwork running smoothly, communicating with vendors, and handling issues. Caroline loves to travel and finds working at The Savvy Traveler a great place to combine her skills with finding out what's new in the travel world. Caroline was born and raised in Seattle and loves to venture out, but is always happy to come back to our beautiful home.


Kirsten Myers
Kirsten has always loved the adventure of travel. She brings with her a background in operational banking that she now has the opportunity to combine with her love of travel and interest in other cultures. She spent her gap years exploring continental Europe which has enabled her to bring to the Savvy Traveler her own special knowledge for adventurous travelers. Kirsten has an affinity for travel gadgets and would be happy to show you the technical side of things here at the Savvy Traveler.


Heather Farrell
Heather was born and raised in Northern Ireland, lived in Belgium and has traveled extensively in Europe as well as around the United States. An avid hiker, when not in The Savvy Traveler, she loves to be on any trail to a lake or mountaintop in the Cascades. This year, her hiking adventures were in Italy on the Amalfi coast on ‘The Walk of the Gods’ and other amazing cliff top trails. She loves to share travel experiences and help others plan and equip for their next adventure.


Amy  Phanuwitchayangkornkul

Amy was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. She has traveled extensively through Asia and enjoys different foods and varied cultures. She loves traveling and meeting new people. Before moving to the US, Amy spent some time in Hong Kong, Cambodia, Japan and Korea.  If you speak Thai please stop by and she would love to chat with you. She is a patient listener and will guide you to find the best products for your next trips.


Sonja Lund

Sonja is the resident “tall girl” at the Savvy Traveler, always ready to help take down a bag or book that might out of reach. Raised in Sammamish, WA, Sonja began her international travels in high school when she spent ten days in Florence at age 15 , and a week exploring gorgeous Costa Rica. In college she was lucky to spend five months living and studying in London at the University of Roehampton, and fell in love with the city. Sonja loves to use her personal experiences both living and traveling abroad in order to guide Savvy Traveler customers toward the products that will make their trip go from good to great!



LJ is from California, but has spent much of her life in the Puget Sound area. She loves to travel, just as you do! So far, LJ has been to Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan, Scotland, Germany, France, Spain, and Malta, and studies languages for enjoyment. She can get by in a few languages and speaks Japanese. On this continent, she’s been to both coasts of Canada, but hasn’t quite made it over the border into Central America, so that is a goal. She’s been to parts of Hawaii many times. She enjoys learning about and experiencing other ways of life (and food!) around the world. With a background in customer service and organization, LJ will be glad to help you when you come in before your next trip..


Madison Caulk

Madison is local to the Pacific Northwest, having grown up down the street from the Savvy Traveler. Although she has been traveling the country since she was an infant, a majority of her trips are now based entirely upon the local cuisine. When not working, she can be found either across the street at the Edmonds Bookshop or in Vancouver, rooting for the Canucks and enjoying poutine.  Outgoing and friendly, Madison is always happy to help you plan for your next trip.


Connie BeRoth
Connie's love affair with travel began at an early age with her first train ride. She lived all over the US before choosing the Seattle area as home. Her first overseas trip elevated travel to a passion. She has traveled extensively for pleasure but luckily her work as Director of Sales Operations with an electronics distributor also allowed her to travel the globe. This makes her excellent at helping customers choose the right items for their travels. Connie's other passions include remodeling, food, wine, books and music.